Accident Investigations


Our Baton Rouge, Louisiana based accident investigators have been providing lawyers, law firms, insurance companies, adjusters, law enforcement and consumers with detailed independent reports throughout all of Louisiana. Our experienced investigative team can provide you with detailed accident scene photographs, witness police and interviews ETC.  To help determine the cause of an accident and actual damages.

Our clients benefit from our detailed accident fact gathering abilities. The process starts with our trained investigators gathering any possible relevant information and facts that may have contributed to the accident. Fact analysis is then used to help determine the possible cause of the accident and contributing factors.

Accident investigations include a variety of support services such as:

• Accident Scene Photography
• Forensic Photography
• Locating Witnesses
• Locate Experts
• Acquiring Recorded Statements
• Acquiring Written Statements
• Locate Manufacturer Defects/Recalls
• Provide Expert Witness Testimony
• Scene Documentation
• Workplace Accidents
• Litigation Support Services