Civil Investigations

Louisiana Civil Investigations

Here is a list of the most requested Civil Investigative Services:
• Accident Investigations / Personal Injury
• Aircraft / Marine
• Asset Investigations
• Backgrounds / Pre-employment / Due Diligence
• Business Investigations / Litigation Support
• Computer Forensics
• Computer Fraud & Security
• Computer Information Services
• Corporate Investigations
• Electronic Countermeasures
• Email Tracing
• Environmental Investigations
• Genealogy
• Insurance Fraud / Claims Investigations
• Intellectual Property / Copyright Trademark
• Medical Malpractice
• Missing Persons / Location Matters
• Photography / Video
• Product Liability
• Surveillance
• Undercover Investigations
• Workers Compensation

Baton Rouge – New Orleans Civil Investigations

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If you’re going to be involved in a civil case, hiring our professional services will provide you great help. In a lot of civil trials, proof is the basis of everything and the person who will present the most solid evidence will win the case. Our Baton Rouge based civil investigators can help you find solid proof that can make your civil case a great success. If you’re being taken to the court or falsely accused, you may need the service of Bombet, Cashio, Darbonne, & Associates.

Our investigators can help uncover and assemble the information you require for a successful civil trail.

A civil investigation usually begins with an analysis. We meet with the person requesting the investigation to discuss the budget and objectives and then decide on a course of action. We will approach the case using a variety of investigative techniques to get the answers and the evidence you need. We may incorporate into the investigation areas such as surveillance, background checks, witness interviews and statements, photographs, and other techniques to acquire the facts necessary to prevail.

Our proven expertise in conducting over 45,000 investigations since 1967 assures you professional results. Our Baton Rouge based civil investigations investigators have the proven experience, qualifications, and track record to lead the investigations on your case. We can help you facilitate a professional, complete investigation and achieve great results. Whether you’re looking to satisfy your client’s goals for settlement or provide a wrongly accused client a flawless defense, our experienced investigators will surely help you bey providing the information and evidence needed to win a case.

Investigation – Whether you case focus on fraud, worker’s comp, wrongful death, or an automobile accident, our investigators  can provide you high quality, professional investigative service. From doing background checks and securing witness interviews to trial preparations and domestic investigation, we can offer you the necessary tools to prove your case.
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Documentation – We understand the great importance of proper documentation. From following the due process to securing evidentiary chain of custody, our civil investigations investigators are familiar with the entire legal requirements about the evidence, which needs to be followed in order to preserve its integrity. We completely uphold ethical standard and the strictest forensic in our work in order to ensure that the evidences gather ill withstand the courtroom’s scrutiny.

Expert Reports – With extensive experience and credentials, our investigators can support your trial appearance with secured testimony and expert reports. We provide reports that conform to court requirements and include easy-to-understand visual formats, like 2D or 3D animation, in order to ensure the jury and judge completely understand your argument. All of our expert witnesses have trial experiences and qualifications to present evidences and provide testimony

baton rouge civil investigatorsEvidence – If you’re going to be involved in a civil case,  we can help you find solid proof that can make your civil case a great success. If you’re being taken to the court or falsely accused, you may need the services of Bombet Cashio Darbonne & Associates in order to find the evidences that can clear your name or win your case.

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