Criminal Investigations


Louisiana criiminal investigations graphicAn investigation is the cornerstone of criminal defense work and the role of the private investigator is central to every important step in the process from case preparation to post-conviction challenges.

Julius Bombet and his staff at Bombet,  Cashio, Darbonne & Associates have been handling criminal defense cases since 1967. They have successfully defended clients in everything from minor theft cases, to sexual assaults, to multiple first degree murder – death penalty defense investigations. We accept court appointments and can work within your budget. Julius Bombet served as Chief Investigator for the East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney’s Office for five years and has the background, experience and expertise to manage the firm’s investigative staff in all types of criminal cases.

“Interviewing witnesses, assessing their credibility, presentation and impression, and taking their statements is an extremely important and necessary function of the criminal defense investigator and should be accomplished as soon as possible after a review of all file and discovery materials. Most of the defense investigator’s time will be consumed by this phase of any investigation, which, arguably, is the most important phase. Preparation is the key to a successful witness interview and statement.

Bombet,  Cashio, Darbonne & Associates staff of experienced investigators was retained to help in the high profile criminal defense investigation and post conviction for John Allen Muhammad, also known as The Beltway Sniper, and to assist in the defense of the “Angola Three

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