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Due to high volume as well as public demand that is placed on a lot of government entities, acquiring copies of legal pertinent documents can time consuming and arduous. With our valuable experience, we have been acquiring and retrieving documents for a lot of years.  Our extensive experience can completely eliminate the typical hassles involved in dealing with court records research, saving your precious time and money.Baton Rouge Court records research graphic

Whether you just need only one item, have an ongoing retrieval of documents or needs, or find yourself knee-deep in multi-jurisdictional, multi-state search and retrieval project, Baton Rouge Court Records Research will work with you in order to identify and the most cost-effective and most cost-efficient solution that will fit your specific needs.

We have great access to wide ranging court records from many different areas and are completely familiar with the various types of available copies. With our state of the art web based program, you’ll be enabled to place your requests from your computer and allow us to provide you the things you needs through email with complete ease. We will update you from time to time about your request.

Process Service – You and your firm consistently need reliable process service, and we at Baton Rouge Court Records Research are completely aware of this need. Our reliable staff has served legal industry for many years are completely accountable in everything that we do. We thrive for those individuals who are impossible to serve and purse all of them relentlessly.

And together with our process on-staff server, we have a strong network of certified servers that can handle your requests. We serve anywhere in country and can handle large volumes and amounts of paper. The rates include six attempts per paper. Any extra or additional attempt thereafter needs to be authorized by you and would cost you additional expenses. We at Baton Rouge Court Records Research also provide all unexecuted and execute returns filed with appropriate courts. We initial confirm service through email and forward original file-stamped document to you through certified or regular mail, or overnight service.

louisiana court records research graphicSearch services – We’ve been performing different kinds of searches for many years across the country. Our familiarities with many different jurisdictional systems allow us to effective perform our searches that are specific to your needs in a very timely manner. While the computers may be the same in operation and appearance, the databases within are basically as unique as your and I. It requires a lot of creativity and experience in order to successfully manipulate the data for accurate, thorough results.

As a Baton Rouge Court Records Research, we perform individual simple searches and also provide our clients with reliable statewide searches that entail hands-on research in every parish/county.

Recording Services – Our county clerks have very strict standard for document filling and with over 3,000 entities nationwide, knowing the proper costs and procedures can be very frustrating. Usually, they will hold or return items if fee for filing in incorrect or some of the regional requirement in not satisfied. Such kinds of delays could mean more money, time, and great stress for you.

We have our well-experienced associates that can present your document to be filed in person. Once we have received your items, we will immediately forward it the next day for filing.


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