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What Is a Bug Sweep or TSCM?

A bug sweep, ‘debugging’ and TSCM are terms used to describe electronically sweeping a home or business for the presence of any eavesdropping devices, such as hidden cameras, recording devices, hidden microphones, and GPS trackers. TSCM stands for Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, which is the professional term used by the industry. Simply put, a TSCM security survey, or bug sweep, is to inspect a given area to determine if there is the presence of any unauthorized hidden audio transmitting or recording devices, on or off, wired or hardwired. TSCM also covers inspecting the landline telephone system for transmitters, recording devices, or listening posts. TSCM should also include inspection of vehicles for GPS trackers which can either be passive (recording) or live.

Do You Suspect You’re Being Watched, Listened to, or Followed?

Whether you have a Louisiana apartment or a Baton Rouge house, there may be eavesdropping equipment installed by your neighbor, landlord, husband/wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. If you suspect you are being watched or listened to, there is a very good chance you are.

The cost of bugging devices are very inexpensive and are most affordable to the average person. In addition, the size of many bugging devices are very small and can be easily hidden in everyday household items.

Our TSCM technicians are trained by the leading manufacturers of bug detection devices and have years of experience conducting TSCM inspections. We will conduct both a visual and electronic inspection of your entire residence or business utilizing the latest countermeasures equipment.

If there is a bugging device in your home or office…we will find it!

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