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As a Baton Rouge workers comp investigator, Bombet recognizes that the most essential controllable cost in the budgets for workforce today is workers compensation fraud. There has been a widespread misuse of workers compensation, and it is deflating productivity, driving up costs, and destroying staff morale. Regardless if, you have coverage or you are self-insured, we will help you in minimizing your exposure to workers compensation fraud through our aggressive surveillance and investigation for workers compensation.

At Bombet, we provide effective and early AOE/COE accident investigation, which include background research, scenic photography, claimant statements, and superior statements. In order to refute injury limitation claims, as the claimant alleged, we effectively use surveillance to defeat workers compensation fraud. All of our workers comp investigations will be delivered in concise and professionally written reports, giving you a fast overview in the opening summary, along with solid details in the body of every report.

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Our Baton Rouge workers comp investigator will interview family, colleagues, and friends, trying to find out the extensity of the injuries.


We are using video, audio, and all other kinds of surveillance in order to identify whether or not the worker is truly as injured as he/she seems.

Gathering of evidence

Our investigators will gather evidence as soon as they have confirmed that there has been a workers compensation fraud taking place. We will ensure to uncover this anomaly. With this, we can help businesses and employers to prosecute fraud and cut off the workers compensation claims, which are not legitimate.

Traditional investigative techniques and background checks

Our Baton Rouge workers comp investigator will include factors and other possible evidence like medical records and all other records, so as to identify whether or not the worker has really suffered injury. We can also run background checks, seeing if the worker has already filed a number of compensation claims before or whether or not he/she was convicted of compensation fraud before.

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Furthermore, we will help you if you are not getting the right amount of insurance money. If an insurance company or employer is not paying workers comp to a worker that has been truly injured, our private Baton Rouge workers comp investigator may gather evidence with regards to the insurance company or employer who are in question. Through this, we can help get your money by means of court system.

Workers compensation fraud has cost employers around billion dollars every year. Through our service, HR managers, insurance agents, business owners, and others who are responsible for employees can gain a thorough understanding why and how the injury occurred, ensuring that every worker who files a claim would be entitled to compensation that they receive. We conduct complete and thorough workers comp investigations to make sure that funds will be paid for genuine claims and reduce the loss of work force, along with the payments associated with claims that are not legitimate.

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